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RIP Netscape Navigator

Netscape Navigator will die on February 1, 2008. AOL, which acquired Netscape in November 1998 for $4.2 billion, has announced today that they will discontinue development of the browser.

Actually this is not a surprise for us, since the Netscape browser is now based in Firefox. So one has to really wonder why AOL did not in the first place ell heir customers to use Firefox instead.

Must have been one of those smart business moves. RIP Netscape. You have been our first web browser.

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Netscape Navigator 9 Release Candidate 1 Available

It is not that the world has waited for the Netscape Browser but it is nice to see that it got picked up and some development has been going on. Thus Netscape announced that RC 1 is available. The most important change is that they removed the built-in social news functionality. Here is the quote from their site:

"Due to Netscape.com's transition from a social news site to a traditional news portal (and the resulting re-launch of the social news site at Propeller.com), we made the decision to remove the built-in social news functionality from the Netscape Navigator Web browser. We will be releasing those features as stand-alone Propeller-branded browser extensions shortly, and our browser development efforts will be refocused on providing new features and browsing enhancements not specifically tied to a single Web service."

Download and link to the official announcement is here.

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The new Netscape Navigator 9 Splash Screen

There was a competition going on for the new Netscape Navigator 9 Splash Screen and this one has won:

We like it, it feels like the old logo, just for the new web 2.0 age :-)

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