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The juice of Apple WWDC Keynote 2008

Did we mention that we love the Mahalo search engine? Did we mention that we love the Mahalo daily even more? If you don’t want to waste your time, but still want to talk about the new iPhone 3G and what Apple presented during the WWDC, then spend 60 seconds watching this.

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Reasons why the iPhone is no BlackBerry

Over at the crackberry.com they posted a very good comparison of the BlackBerry and the iPhone. This should help people to decide what device they ant to get. Note: This is a pro BlackBerry site so take some comments not to seriously.

On a side note: I have been using a BlackBerry for over a year now (first a 7xxx one and now a Curve) and I have to say I like the Curve a lot. Currently I am using a Nokia N95, which is also a good phone, but compared to a BlackBerry it just can’t scope. Especially the battery life is horrible. Using Mail for Exchange, Fringe and the N95 is ready for recharge within 6 hours! And I am talking about a brand new phone here.

I thought I would never say this, but it takes a lot to beat the BlackBerry easy and use. And if the OS 4.5 will come out, which finally brings HTML eMails to the BlackBerry it will be THE device for communication usage.

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First iPhone review

Here is the first iPhone review from the Wall Street Journal. And they do state that the iPhone supports Microsoft Exchange Support…….

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Praise to the Apple iPhone TV Ads

While one could argue about the Business side of the new Apple iPhone there is doubt about the marketing behind Apple.

Once again Apple is showing in very simple and easy steps how the iPhone is a better value and a better bargain then any other phone out there. Just like “Less is more” and “Keep It Simple Stupid” these ads will win anybody over.

Speaking of these ads (you can watch them here over at Apple) the Apple fanatics have already spotted all the changes since Steve Jobs presentation and the recent ads. The best listing so far can be found over at a posting from “a macintosh girl in a microsoft world” (Girl, you got too much time on your hands).

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