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WorldNow chooses Razuna

The Razuna digital asset management technology to be embedded in WorldNow’s CMS system for broadcasters.

The New York-based purveyor of online and mobile platforms for broadcasters, WorldNow, has signed an agreement with Razuna to embed the Razuna Digital Asset Management technology into the WorldNow platform. WorldNow is enhancing their technology to be more Digital Asset Management focused and decided on Razuna to handle the digital asset management processes and functions inside the WorldNow platform.

WorldNow is enhancing their technology to be more Digital Asset Management focused and decided on Razuna to handle the digital asset management processes and functions inside the WorldNow platform.

“We were looking for a technology, which could be embedded deep into the WorldNow platform,” says Joe Sticca, WorldNow SVP Digital Product Management and Development. “Razuna has an intuitive user interface and proven track record of handling large scale digital assets.  Our technology is very nimble and flexible, allowing us to innovate quickly. Razuna is a very good match in our flexible modular approach for integration.”

Using the Razuna customization engine, Razuna will seamlessly integrate into WorldNow’s user interface making it a completely transparent experience for the users.

“Razuna has been built with the user in mind,” says Razuna CEO Jens Strandbygaard. “Our users need to be able find their assets quickly, manage them and share them with dealers, on their website or website – or for print publications. We have 50,000 downloads a year and more than 2,000 paying users of our cloud service. We are therefore committed to flexibility and ease of use. Our Digital Asset Management service has got to be something you sign up for easily and can start using immediately.”

Razuna features an API, allowing it to be integrated or embedded into other CMS or webshop technologies. As all assets managed via Razuna can be stored on the platform directly or via a third party cloud storage provider or Content Distribution Network such as Nirvanix, Amazon S3 or Akamai, Razuna has proven to be a preferred choice for customers looking for the added flexibility and accessibility that a cloud or CDNs storage provides – without any hazzle.

“We are happy that WorldNow has chosen Razuna. They have a strong technology and impressive customer base, and we are proud to work with them,” says Razuna CEO Jens Strandbygaard. “And with our European base, we definitely see some potential for helping WorldNow into the European market as well.”

The technology partnership between WorldNow and Razuna will result in new digital asset management features available for WorldNow’s customers in later part 2012.

Razuna is exhibiting at the Next Web Conference in Amsterdam on April 26th and 27th 2012.

About Razuna (www.Razuna.com)

Razuna was founded in 2005 by Nitai Aventaggiato, who is now the CTO and lead developer. Razuna is a web based digital asset management platform, which is available in an open source edition and as a cloud service (SaaS). Assets can be stored on the Razuna platform or with cloud storage providers or Content Distribution Networks. Razuna is headquartered in Denmark but serves more than 2,000 clients worldwide on its cloud service. More than 50,000 businesses downloaded the Razuna open source edition over the past 12 months. 80% of the customers are based in USA.

About WorldNow (www.WorldNow.com)

Worldnow provides industry leading online publishing and revenue solutions for local media. WorldNow’s cost efficient publishing platforms include innovative CMS solutions for site management, video and mobile publishing. The online revenue solutions include a national advertising network, packaged local sales programs, classifieds and comprehensive sales training and support. WorldNow’s online media, technology, and marketing teams have extensive experience in helping local media companies build profitable businesses on the Web. WorldNow support their technologies and services with in-depth strategic consultation incorporating market leading best practices for managing successful online businesses. WorldNow’s full service solutions and support enable their clients to realize greater real-world profitability from their investment. Leverage their experience built over 13 years in partnership with more than 400 local media properties. Current WorldNow customers include: Fox, Allbritton, CBS Local Digital Media, Cox, Dispatch, Fisher, Gray, Griffin, Heritage Broadcasting, Hoak Media, Landmark, Lilly, London, Max Media, Meredith, New Age Media, New Young Broadcasting, Quincy, Raycom Media, Reiten TV, Sagamore Hill, Titan, Waterman, and West Virginia Media.

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Razuna 1.1.4 is here

razuna_logo_200We are happy to announce the official release of Razuna 1.1.4, another fine release of the already much hyped open source Digital Asset Management. Razuna makes it easy for any individual, small firm or big organization to manage all aspects of Digital Assets in a totally hassle free environment.

Razuna 1.1.4 brings the following new features to the already existing features;

Folder Permissions
A folder can now be owned by a user only. Previously, you had to share a folder with the “Everyone” group. Now, you can simply uncheck the “Everyone” group and the folder will only be accessible to you. Others will not see the folder and all assets within are protected. Also, assets can not be found with the search once they are in a user protected folder. We also fixed an issue with inheritance of folder permissions.

Internet Explorer Compatible
It’s not always easy to develop for all platforms and all browsers alike. Even thought we only use CSS and Javascript, there are sometimes browser platform issues that can not be overcome easily. Razuna 1.1.4 is now compatible with IE 7 & 8. Whereas Razuna acts and looks much better with IE8 then IE7 (don’t turn on Compatible mode, that thing makes it worse)…

Performance Improvements
Due to a new version of the Application Server and its new feature to cache Javascript, CSS files and certain parts of Razuna, the new version is magnitudes faster. But we not only improved the loading of Razuna, but also streamlined our code much more. You can see an immediate effect of this new performance by uploading your assets. Assets are now uploaded in the back and you will be notified by eMail of the upload process, respectively when the assets has been uploaded to the server.

Our international users will be happy to see that Razuna can now search words with foreign characters (like German umlauts and Norwegian characters) correctly. You can now upload your own logo and it will be shown everywhere instead of the default Razuna logo. User timeouts are handled correctly and we made a couple of subtle design changes.

As always you can download Razuna 1.1.4 over at the Razuna download page. Users of Razuna 1.1.3 will get notified within the system. Upgrading to the new version is outlined over at the Razuna Wiki (it is a simple step and only takes about 5 minutes).

Did you know that you can deploy Razuna to your favorite virtual environment? With our Razuna Virtual Server Image you can deploy to Amazon EC2, VMWare (also Server and ESX(i)), Parallels, XEN, VirtualIron, etc. Simply head over to the dedicated Razuna Virtual Server page and build your own Virtual Server. You’ll literally be up and running within minutes. Deployment of a Digital Asset Management has never been easier.

If you need help you can join the growing Razuna Customer Community, especially companies can enjoy a hassle free Digital Asset Management deployment with our Support Subscription.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our Community for putting forward requests and helping us to make Razuna the best open source Digital Asset Management offering.

Thank you for using Razuna.

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Razuna 1.1.3 released – even more power to the open source digital asset management

razuna-logo-400.pngIt gives us much pleasure to bring Razuna in its latest version 1.1.3 to the world. It is our part to say thank you to the growing community around our open source digital asset management and end the year with this great release.

We are very exited about Razuna 1.1.3, since it brings full support for the MySQL database, includes the final release of the underlining application server (OpenBD) and an administration for the server itself. Also, it includes most of the requests and bug fixes that our community has told us about.

Please find below a short summary of the new features and fixes of this release. For those who are already running Razuna 1.1.2 and want to upgrade to Razuna 1.1.3, should read the Upgrade documentation before doing so.

Razuna and MySQL

A lot of users have asked that we add support for the MySQL database. Thus, we are very happy to finally bring it to Razuna. It was not an easy task to do, since we run into a couple of issues with the SQL syntax itself and how MySQL differs from other databases. We already posted about our findings how MySQL is different to Oracle or H2 (in Oracle mode).

In any case, this is all technical mumbo-jumbo and all you should know is that Razuna runs now perfectly with MySQL (as it does with the embedded and the Oracle database). Support for other databases, will come in future versions and will depend on the demand of the community. You can cast your vote, or add a new feature request and bug report, at the public available Issue Tracker of Razuna.

General improvements

Overall improvements have been made to this release. To list each one, is not the purpose of this post, but rather give you a small summary. Some of the improvements are;

Updated the Flash Player to the latest version, we are now running the embedded database in server mode (thus allowing other connections to the same database), uploading and adding assets is now much faster, we moved the general DAM folder to a global position (thus allowing for greater compatibility for future updates) and finally we resized the pop-up windows to better suit users with smaller screens or lower resolutions.

General Fixes

We pride ourselves with how fast we fix any reported bug. Usually our customers receive a bug fix within 24 hours (usually within hours). For Razuna 1.1.3 we could, with the help of the community, squash some bugs. Here is a summary of some of the most important ones fixed in this release;

Users that have spaces in the executables paths would run into errors (actually, you should never have spaces in your executables paths, but Windows allows you to do so), Descriptions and Keywords sometimes failed while adding assets, Adding many assets from Scheduled Uploads failed, WMV and AVI failed to play in the Flash Player (they still don’t play in the Flash Player, but now we re-added how to play them), and finally adding ZIP archives did not extract the folder structure and added assets correctly.

Razuna and 2009

As already outlined in a previous post, we shared some of the new features of a upcoming Razuna version. In 2009 we will take digital asset management and your assets to the cloud, meaning that you will be able to leverage the Amazon S3 and/or Nirvanix data storage services. Also, we will bring review/preview and workflow to Razuna so that you and your team will have a complete review process right within Razuna. Another high demand request will come in 2009, that is you will get version control for all your assets within Razuna.

There has never been a better time to start managing your assets with Razuna, the open source digital asset management alternative!

As always you can get the latest Version directly from Razuna.com. Razuna is available in a Standalone Server download or as a WAR/EAR download to deploy on a existing J2EE server. Customers who already have Razuna deployed will get a notification within the system that a new version is available.

Razuna is a professional digital asset management/media asset management with an integrated web content management that delivers and makes management of your digital assets a simple task. Razuna is licensed under a dual-license (AGPL and commercial) and can be downloaded at http://www.razuna.org. The Wiki is available at http://wiki.sixsigns.com and the public Issues Tracker at http://issues.sixsigns.com.

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According to Gartner the DAM thing is on the right track

Gartner has published a new report stating that the Digital Asset Management sector is on the rise (something that we know and see for a long time). In the report it states;

“According to a Gartner survey of 800 end-user organizations in July 2008, software for the management of images and video is the fastest-growing segment of the content management market, with just 44 percent of enterprises having such products today but 22 percent intending to install it in 2009.”

Gartner believes that the popularity of simple DAM will force a number of different technological problems to be solved, such as the ability to incorporate video simply into other document types…”

In this regard we would like to emphasize our open source Digital Asset Management Razuna to you. With it you are not only able to manage all your digital assets hassle free, but also incorporate videos, images and documents into your existing Content Management System (CMS). There are many aspects of the system, but best is you download your Razuna today and deploy it on your own (it only takes a couple of minutes and is really hassle free)!

Support is also provided in a professional manner in the sense that customers who want to have support can sign up for a subscription plan that will guarantee them a “supported hassle free” Digital Asset Management experience.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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