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Deploying OpenBD is now easier then ever

The OpenBD project just released an updated OpenBD/Jetty bundle. With this release the directory structure wasd rearranged to make it obvious where all the pieces go, and most importantly, OpenBD is installed into the root context, making CFML processing available to all websites and contexts.

What this means is a much reduced overhead when running multiple websites as there will only be one OpenBD instance running and it allows you to quickly add new websites.

Head over to the blog of OpenBD to read up the whole release article.

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OpenBD website re-design

OpenBD, the open source CFML server, just got a new website re-design.

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Screencast on OpenBD Setup and connecting to Apache

This screencast shows how to get up and running with OpenBD and Tomcat. Deploy your application and be ready to run. Also, we show how you can connect Apache to Tomcat over proxy. Instructions in written form can be found on my previous blog post.

Tip: Play the video and click on the “HD on” to watch this in full screen and HD quality!

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Scalability is the key

Peter Van Dijck has a very good list of popular websites and how they manage scalability of their web application. He has presentations on scalability from websites like Twitter, Flickr, Slideshare and many others. Is it a very informative read and brings a lot of insight how it is done.

One thing that stood out is that the key lessons for most apps: Memcache like crazy, and optimize the database (the biggest bottleneck most of the time).

Looking trough the Memcache page I see that there are different API’s available for many popular languages. For CFML developers the Memcache Java API might be the most interesting one. Memcache goes beyond the cachedwithin of a cfquery and looks to be a solution for scalability. Else not all web apps would use it.

Another practive is “sharding”. Sharding is when you cut a really big table into pieces, so you can put those on separate servers.

All inall, a very good read and well worth your time.

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