MySQL Landscape and other databases

Since we have just recently finished the MySQL integration for Razuna (coming in the imminent 1.1.3 release) we have learned our fair share of the MySQL Server and how it differs from other databases (we will post a separate post about our experiences adding support for MySQL in Razuna and how it differs from Oracle soon).

In any way, I just found this very informative blog post entitled “The New MySQL Landscape” which talks about the different options you got for deploying a MySQL Server. Ever heard of OurDelta or Drizzle?

Especially, the Drizzle project looks interesting since it is a re-making of MySQL started primarily by Brian Aker, who worked as MySQL’s Director of Architecture for years. Brian is now at Sun and, along with a handful of others at Sun and elsewhere, is ripping out a lot of the stuff in a fork of MySQL that doesn’t get used much, needlessly complicated the code, or is simply no longer needed.

Personally, we think the H2 database is a very reliable and powerful alternative to the MySQL database. H2 can be run as a embedded database, in-memory, clustered or as a server itself. H2 has even the capability to run in a specific database mode so that you wont have to change most of your SQL code to make it work with H2. The H2 database is built on Java and available under a open source license.

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