Linus Torvalds interview on open source, GPL and other issues

This interview with Linus Torvalds is probably one of the best interviews in a long time on open source, GPL and Linux. He gives a very personal view on all topics and says it “as it is”. Especially the answers he gives on the different licenses are good and are interesting to people who think that one CFML engine is superior to another because of a license.

Here is one of my favorite quotes and also the last answer of the interview;

“Of course open source grows aggressively: what’s not to like? Low cost, great quality, and a lack of being shackled to some commercial company that you can’t really trust further than the fact that they’ll happily continue to take your money. Sure, it grows.

And yes, it does grow at the cost of Microsoft, but that’s called ’competition’. It doesn’t make it ‘cancer’ any more than it ever made it ‘un-American’.”

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