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CentOS 5.2 released

I totally missed this and saw no one blogging about it, but apparently CentOS 5.2 was released on June 24.All of our CFML Servers and websites run on CentOS.

Major changes in CentOS 5.2 compared to CentOS 5.1 are: Firefox 3, Thunderbird 2, 2.3 and Evolution 2.12 on the Desktop side, Samba 3.0.28, xen-3.1.2 and an upgraded kernel with lots of driver updates on the server side of the system. The release notes can be found here.

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Screencast on how to build OpenBD from source

Matt Woodward put together a screencast that shows you how to build a OpenBD WAR file from the source code of the OpenBD project. Currently this is for MacOS X, but he will try to release one for Windows and Ubuntu as well.

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OpenBD integrates Amazon SimpleDB with cfquery

We have been talking about bringing some new features to the table for OpenBD. Let us start with one that we were very eager to bring to the CFML community:

Amazon SimpleDB Integration right within the famous <cfquery> tag!

Getting access to this functionality is now very easy with OpenBD. We’ve added Simple DB functionality to our official Plugin that is available for use. This lets you build INSERT / DELETE / SELECT statements for accessing data sitting inside of Amazon SimpleDB.

The benefit of using CFQUERY for your Amazon SimpleDB API is that it literally saves you money. For each request you make of Amazon SimpleDB, it costs money. But by utilizing the inbuilt query caching of CFQUERY you don’t need to query Amazon half as much as you would normally would.

Head over to the official OpenBD Blog to read up more and see some code examples.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait for a release, it is available now and for you to use!

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openSuse 11 is here

The 11.0 release of openSUSE includes more than 200 new features specific to openSUSE, a redesigned installer that makes openSUSE even easier to install, faster package management thanks to major updates in the ZYpp stack, and KDE 4, GNOME 2.22, Compiz Fusion, and much more.

There is also an interview with the openSuse product manager and here is the official announcement.

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