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First iPhone review

Here is the first iPhone review from the Wall Street Journal. And they do state that the iPhone supports Microsoft Exchange Support…….

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Hans Rosling’s amazing demo at TED

In a follow-up to his now-legendary TED2006 presentation, Hans Rosling demonstrates how developing countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. He shows us the next generation of his Trendalyzer software — which analyzes and displays data in amazingly accessible ways, allowing people to see patterns previously hidden behind mountains of stats. (Just days after this talk, he announced a deal with Google to acquire the software.) He also demos Dollar Street, a program that lets you peer in the windows of typical families worldwide living at different income levels. Be sure to watch straight through to the (literally) jaw-dropping finale.

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SQL Developer hides the Query Builder quite well

You are probably asking yourself, what Query Builder inside SQL Developer (Oracle’s free tool to manage your databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, etc.)) I am talking about. I don’t know why but Oracle has hidden the Query Builder “very well” in it (talking about good User Interface practice here…).

Anyhow, to get to the Query Builder you have to have a SQL Worksheet open and then right + click and chose the Query Builder from the Context menu, there is no shortcut and no other way to get to it. Well, at least, once you open it you can do quite advanced SQL with it :-)

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Installation of ColdFusion 8 Beta on RedHat/CentOS 5

Today we installed ColdFusion 8 Beta (get it now on on RedHat/CentOS 5 (within VMWare Fusion 4 Beta) and run into some troubles. The problem was that the installer did not configure the connector to Apache 2.2.x correctly and when you tried to log on to the CF Administration you did not get the expected welcome screen.

The solution to this is to run the Apache Connector again, but with some modification.

  1. Go into the ColdFusion installation directory (/opt/coldfusion8) and then to the “connectors” directory. Open up the file “” and set the paths to your apache installation correct.
  2. Install the httpd-devel package. To do so, enter the terminal and execute the command “yum install httpd-devel*”. Without it the script above fails to run.

Once the above steps are done you can run the script with “./” and everything will be setup and your ColdFusion will be happy to serve you.

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