Razuna 1.7 BETA 1 is now available

I’m pleased to announce that Razuna 1.7 BETA 1 is now available. To download, please follow this link.

Razuna 1.7 comes with many useful features and enhancements that will make your work with files easier. Please have a look at the overview below to see what is new or changed. We tackled over 150 issues tackled. Many issues are fulfilled feature requests or enhancements to existing functionality.

  • Aliases: You can create aliases within folders now. Select a file, create an alias for that file in another folder and you got a link between these files. Aliases behave just like their original file.
  • Import of custom XMP metadata: Import custom metadata from any other system with ease in Razuna 1.7. Create a custom field in Razuna and define the XMP-Path of the metadata. Razuna will automatically parse the XMP metadata and enter the value into the custom field.
  • Customise Search: You can lock down the search to folders only.
  • Search and Label View: We are happy to announce that a long standing request by the Razuna community has been satisfied with 1.7. In short, the label and the search view have now (almost) all the functionality you can find in the standard folder view.
  • White-Labelling: White-Labelling is now available per host!
  • Customisation: Razuna 1.7 has now even more customisation options.
    • Each icon, button, tab, etc. can now be made accessible to certain groups only (instead of show/hide for everyone).
    • Option to redirect users to folders can now be assigned per group.
    • Metadata can now be shown on top of the file and at the bottom (previously only at the bottom).
    • Labels for each metadata field can now be turned off.
  • Administration: The administration can now be made accessible to certain members of a group. Previously, you had to be an Administrator of the host to be able to access the Administration.
  • Renditions: It is now possible to swap the original file with a rendition.
  • Thumbnails: You can now upload a thumbnail for all file types (thus replacing the default Word, ZIP, etc. icon) and additionally choose from a thumbnail already uploaded to the system.
  • Folder Tree: Finally long folder names do not simply extend but wrap properly (Yeah!)

Please report any issues with Razuna 1.7 BETA to our new beta forum.


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Razuna Workflow Plugin – Now Available to Hosted DAM Customers

As part of Razuna 1.6 we launched the workflow plugin, which allows you to automate a number of tasks. I have previously written a blog post to highlight some of the possibilities with the workflow plugin.

Since then we have seen a wave of creativity amongst our customers, as they have taken the workflow plugin for a spin. One recent example is a major retail chain, who needed two things to happen as part of the upload:

1. File names should adhere to the company’s naming conventions

2. Metadata (in custom fields) should be filled in automatically

With more than 300 users on Razuna, the business previously had their work cut out, when the users gave more or less creative names for the assets as well as filling in only the most important fields. Soon the “organizing” part of digital asset management became more of a janitor part and the value of the system seriously threatened.

Now – with the workflow plugin, they developed their own quality control application, which was able to ensure that stringent naming conventions were followed and necessary metadata filled in.

Call external URL action

They used the Call external URL action in Razuna, and had it triggered upon upload. What this does is that when a file is uploaded, Razuna sends the asset ID and relevant metadata to an external URL in a JSON call or as XML.

Our customer’s web application then processes the data received and validates against a database, before calling back into Razuna using the API, changing the name of the file and updating the relevant metadata. And everything happens in the same go, completely transparent to the user.

I can’t tell you exactly how much time they have saved or how many mistakes they have avoided, because after a few days of operation we stopped counting. The workflow plugin, which in their case was for a dedicated server, $299 per month, was paid back in less than a day.

Now available for all Razuna customers

But – as I started out writing, the workflow plugin is now available to all Razuna customers. Even customers on the hosted Razuna plans. For the $24 to $149 a month plans, you can now add the workflow plugin for $49 a month. And what does this get you?

The workflow plugin can do the following:

  • Create automatic renditions
  • Automatically notify users and groups
  • Automatically moved uploaded files
  • Call external URL
  • Automatically add values to metadata field
  • Automatically add values to custom fields
  • Automatically add labels
  • Automatically rename file

And – any combination of the above, or – using the Razuna API - just about anything you can think of.

If you are already a Razuna customer and you are interested in signing up for the workflow plugin, please contact sales@razuna.com. If you are not yet a customer, you can sign up for the hosted version of Razuna on our website.

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Razuna 1.7 lets you import your custom XMP metadata values

While many of you are undoubtedly enjoying the latest Razuna 1.6.5 release (over 20,000 downloads) we are coming forth with next release – Razuna 1.7 – very soon. While I’ll leave all the new features for another blog post, I’d like to point out one cool new feature today.

With Razuna 1.7 any metadata embedded in a custom XMP namespace can be mapped to a Razuna custom field

Migrating your valuable files from one system to another is never an easy task. You’ve invested hours in configuring categories and setting up users and metadata. While we’ve made it very easy for you to migrate files in the past, with Razuna 1.7 the migration of metadata has been made even better.

With Razuna 1.7 any metadata embedded in a custom XMP namespace can be mapped to a Razuna custom field so that Razuna assigns the value to it upon upload. This is a different process than simply parsing XMP metadata (something which has been possible in Razuna since the very beginning). With this new mapping you can assign your custom XMP namespaces to custom fields in Razuna (for the technical inclined ones this means that Razuna will do a XML search and grab the value).

Razuna 1.7 is planned to be released in the coming weeks and contains over 120 enhancements some of these are: option to create an Alias for files, to lock the Administration to specific users, comes with White-Labeling options for each host (!) and many options for customizing Razuna further to your needs.

How to get Razuna

Razuna is available over at http://razuna.org. You have the option to use our preconfigured Razuna Virtual Server, download the dedicated Razuna Standalone Server or deploy to your own J2EE-Server with our Razuna WAR/EAR distribution.

Razuna is also available as a Hosted Solution over at http://razuna.com. For teams and organizations we also offer a dedicated Razuna Server offering.

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Some thoughts on product image management

Razuna 1.6.5 – so much to talk about

As you may have seen, we recently launched Razuna 1.6.5. More than 220 fixes and enhancements, so as usual there’s quite an impressive collection of new features under the hood. I could blog for days, and I probably will, about what you can do now in Razuna, but one feature in particular is really groundbreaking, and that’s the one I will talk about today.

At Razuna we are proud to serve some of the world’s best-known brands, and some of these, in particular in the Packaged Goods and Retail sector, have tons of products to keep track of. In some cases, they install a Product Information System (PIM), which helps them manage all product details and syndicate across multiple channels. An important part of product information is images and video, and naturally, we have some PIM vendors as partners, so our customers can use Razuna for managing the images, documents and video and the rest via our partners’ software.

The Razuna Product Layer

Some of our customers, on the other hand, just need to manage product images and video on a product level and share with their resellers, agents and subsidiaries. And – this brings me to a new feature in Razuna; The product layer. With Razuna 1.6.5 all Razuna customers can enable the product layer, which allows them to collect multiple assets under one product and thus achieve fast, simple and efficient product image management capabilities. And since Razuna handles videos, documents and audio too, you can do product video management, product document management and so on.

The idea is that you group multiple images or videos under one UPC (Universal Product Code) and upload into Razuna. This way, you can upload front shot, back shot, side shots, top shot and even nutritional information under one product. Each image or video is handled via the Razuna rendition system, and you can even create further renditions.

Easy Sharing

Once you have uploaded your images and connected them to a product via the UPC code, you can search UPCs directly or simply share the folder with your resellers or agents at the click of a button. They don’t even need to be created as users in Razuna, but you can simply send them a link to the shared folder, where they can quickly download all files organized by product.

It’s not a PIM system, but for those of you who just need an easier way to manage product related images, documents, video or even audio – the Razuna Product layer is worth trying out.

And it’s free

The Razuna Product Layer can be downloaded with the standard Razuna Open Source version from Github. We will automatically upgrade existing paying customers for free to Razuna 1.6.5, which includes the product layer. So if you have a Razuna dedicated server, a Razuna hosted account or support plan, all you have to do is take a look at the wiki or sign up for one of our free webinars to learn more about how to use the product layer.

We love our new features, and we love them even more, when we can treat our valued customers to something extra for free. Enjoy.

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