Razuna extension for Magento

We are now releasing a Magento extension, which will allow Magento users to fetch product images directly in Razuna. This will save Magento users hours and hours of work and help keep product images completely up-to-date.

We have seen a growing interest from Magento users to have Razuna serve product images directly in Magento. Since Magento has a rather labourious interface, when it comes to handling images, we have been pondering different scenarios for some time. The reason was that we didn’t want to just integrate Razuna and let user continue to manage images in Magento, since it wouldn’t really generate the time savings that we are looking for.

So – we came up with a completely different approach, using our versatile API. We simply override the product image handling in Magento, allowing users to manage all images directly in Razuna.

Images are only stored in Razuna

With this approach, you simply store your images in Razuna and ignore the product image section in Magento. When a product is shown to a customer, either in a search, a category or on the main product view, Magento connects to Razuna and fetches all relevant product images.

So in stead of manually uploading thousands of images in Magento, sometimes even the same image on multiple products, you just upload to Razuna, add the SKU from Magento as a label and the extension handles the rest.

How much time do I save?

You will save a lot of time. It is an arduous process to attach images to products in Magento. Razuna, being a real media asset management platform, however, is designed to handle images well. So assuming you have a product with SKU: 12345 in Magento. In the old days, you would either try to import the product and relevant image(s), which requires some skill – or you would go to the product in Magento and open the Image tab. From here, you manually upload the image and decide, whether it’s the category or the main image. Once completed, you save the product.

With Razuna, all you do is add the SKU to the image in Razuna as a label. This takes seconds. You can add labels to multiple images in batch or by downloading and manipulating labels in a spreadsheet. You can even add the same label (SKU) to multiple products.

And if you have the Razuna Magento extension installed, then that’s really it. Magento will find all the images, show thumbnails etc.

What if an image changes?

You probably need to change product images from time to time. In Magento, you need to log in and manually remove the old image and upload the new on all images, which use the image.

In Razuna, you simply log in, upload the new version, and Magento is automatically updated on all matching products. Again a tremendous time saver.

Manage which image to show as category image

You can also manage category and main product images. By using the labels: Thumbnail and Main in Razuna, you can also decide which image to show in the category listing and which image to use as the main product image. These labels are simply added alongside the label with the SKU.

Easy installation in Magento

You can either download the Razuna Magento extension package here: razuna-1.0.x.tgz and upload in Magento Connect Manager, which you access from your Magento Admin. You can also get the extension directly from the Magento community.

The extension is free and you can use it with all Razuna deployments: Open source, cloud SaaS, dedicated managed server or enterprise on-premise installations.

When you install the extension, the Magento image handling is completely overridden. So if the image is not in Razuna with a label matching the SKU, it will not show in Magento.

Demo and more information

You can watch a real life demo of Razuna and Magento here: http://magento.razuna.org where there’s also additional information. You can also watch the video below to learn more.

You can read our press release here.

Or watch the video below to see how it works:

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Date recovery has been successful

As previously informed we have been hard at work to restore all files from the data recovery company. I’m happy to announce that we are now done and all your files are back in Razuna. Any files that have been uploaded during the downtime, have also been merged with your data store.

At this point I like to extend my sincere apologies to all customers that the severe cash caused and my heartfelt “thank you” for staying with us during the last 2 weeks.

Rest assured that we have taken every possible step to make sure that this is not happening again. As such, we are running multiple backups for your files now. We mirror all files to another server and from there we back the files up to a remote location. All this is secured by two servers running in parallel, each with RAID 6.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Data Recovery

As you likely know by now, we had a severe crash a week and a half ago, and have since been informing you of the situation’s progress. Today, we are happy to announce that the data recovery company has successfully recovered all of the lost files!

Presently, we are in the middle of restoring these files. However, due to the large volume of data, copying all files over to our servers is taking longer than expected. In the meantime, we have disabled the uploader, as there is no longer a need for you to restore any files.  You can expect your files to be available when we’ve completed this last data transfer process.

During the data transfer process there will be a couple of disruptions to the Razuna service, due to us restarting the server.  The downtime from these restarts should be momentary.

You can stay informed of the file transfer progress over at our Twitter account – http://twitter.com/razunahq – where we will continue to make regular updates.

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What happened in the last days to Razuna?

This past Thursday we had a major hardware failure that affected not only our main storage server, but our backup storage as well. We’ve spent the weekend trying to recover the data, but unfortunately have not been able to do so as of yet. We have now sent the disks to a data recovery service, that will diagnose and try to repair the hard drives.

We have managed to restore all data, meaning users, keywords, descriptions, folders etc. that you have created in Razuna, but the actual asset files have still not been recovered.

In the meantime, in order to get Razuna running, we have decided on an emergency solution for those who need to use the service. We’ve provided a tool that will allow you to re-upload files to Razuna. These uploaded files will inherit the data of the file that was already in the system. Razuna will automatically place the uploaded file in the same folder along with all meta-data – keywords and permissions, etc., that you previously defined.

New files will be uploaded and treated as such, so you can continue to use Razuna normally for new media.

Please log-in to your Razuna account where you will be presented with the emergency upload tool. Below are some more details in a form of a FAQ.

What happened?

This past Thursday we had a major hardware failure that affected not only our main storage server, but our backup storage as well.

We use RAID 6 servers, so a failing harddisk is normally no problem. In our case, four disks failed at the same time, which means we can no longer run a repair to get the files back.

Don’t you have a backup?

Yes, we have a mirrored RAID 6 backup server, which had exactly the same failure at the same time. We use a mirror, so that if the main server fails, we can immediately point to the other and customers will then normally not see any downtime.

Unfortunately, we were hit with a failure of the main storage and the backup server at the same time.

What happens to our data?

What’s been affected is the files. The data such as users, folders, groups, meta-data, labels, keywords etc. has been successfully restored. The defective disks have been couriered to a leading data recovery company. They are now analysing them and will then try to restore the files.

Will I lose my files?

The honest answer is that we don’t know. This is unmapped territory, as a four-disk failure in a RAID 6 system is very rare.

If you have files that were uploaded to Razuna on your harddisk or other servers, we suggest you upload them via the emergency upload tool. Razuna will then map it against its records, and if you are re-uploading a file, all the metadata will be restored and the file will automatically be moved to the right folders and collections with the same asset-ID and permission levels.

When will you know, what can be recovered?

An analysis and diagnose typically can take from one day to many days. As we need to have 39TB analysed, it will probably take a few days. Once we have the result of the analysis, we will inform you about the next steps.

Will Razuna work normally going forward?

Yes. The Razuna service itself was never affected as it was not a software error. The Razuna service is now fully restored, including uploading files, will be handled as normal going forward.

What have you done to prevent this from happening again?

Well, theoretically it wasn’t supposed to happen to begin with. We are absolutely shocked. In order to prevent something like this from happening again, we have implemented a double backup. I don’t think there are a lot of companies with double backups, but that’s what we’ve done.

For performance reasons, we are still using a mirror with RAID 6, so a similar breakdown in one server, would not be noticeable. If two servers break down, we have a cloud backup via Amazon S3. So a similar, but still theoretically close to impossible, failure would mean that we would have down-time but that files would be recoverable.

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